Pottery Coffee Mug


  • CRAFT PRODUCT. Pottery mug is partly handmade – hand painted with unique wizard design, so might have minor differences in colors and patterns.
  • DIF TEXTURES. Inner surface, handle and the ” colorful stones ” ornament of coffee cup are smooth, glazed, the rest of outside surface is rugged, unsmooth.
  • HIGH QUALITY. Produced from high-quality clay, using old pottery traditions of East Ukraine, highly evaluated in many European countries. Well-composed glib glazes and grainy background make handmade coffee mugs fit any interior, create nesting atmosphere in any space.
  • ONE MUG in set. But we have 3 sizes with ” colorful stones ” pattern for purchase. Choose your own perfect mug to enjoy favorite drink –coffee, tea, juice, cocoa. The wide lineup of mugs with unique design – 10 unique ornaments harmonically combine cozy motif with bright colorful details. The current lineup is subject to extend.
  • EASY CARE. The inner surface is glib and easy to clean. Just wash handmade pottery mugs with water – and they shine again. The outside surface of mugs dries quickly thanks to natural materials. Microwave and dishwasher safe.


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