About Us

How can we help you, regular shopper? Just send us a message so we can assist you better! Gratisklik.com offers different kinds of coffee mugs, cups, tumblers, coffee set and tea set with various design. In fact, Gratisklik have unique ceramic mugs that are not available in other suppliers.

This is applicable for mugs as giveaways for employees and if they are using these mugs within the office. To avoid using other’s mugs unintentionally, we can print the name of employees on each mug*

Let us talk about colors. We are doing our best to show to customers in our website the closest color of the product without visiting our showroom.

Time and again, we get testimonials from clients who express their satisfaction in doing business with us. We have only been in business for the last 1 years but we have had more than 1,000 successful transactions.